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Boogie Bounce is the sensational, high energy, dance inspired exercise programme, to get fit and lose weight on a high quality trampoline and T-bar handle.


⭐️ How long does each class last?

Approx. 45-50mins and our routines change every 8 weeks to keep things funky and fresh!

⭐️ Do classes run during school holidays?

Limited classes run during school holidays - for this reason memberships are paused during school holiday periods and holiday periods.


⭐️ I’m planning to come to Boogie Bounce on my own, is that ok?

YES, yes, yes, yes, YES… I have so many lovely members who come to my classes on their own and they have all become friends – so don’t be worried, we are a lovely bunch of like minded people and you’ll slot right in with us no problem!


⭐️ I’m new to exercise, will I survive the class?

Oh yes absolutely – beginners are always welcomed! My Boogie Bounce classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. First you will learn how to do our basic bounce and from there you will do the class at your own pace. Give yourself a chance to settle in and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your confidence and fitness levels improve in just a few classes. My instructors aim to help you reach your fitness goals so if you have specific targets in mind please let them know and they will get on the case and bounce you into shape! Remember, it never gets easier.. YOU just GET BETTER!


⭐️ What should I bring/wear?

A good sports bra and leggings are a must (nothing baggy near your feet). You need a pair of grip socks which are sold at each class for $6 – bring correct change to class). Bring along water and a towel as we are sure to sweat like crazzzzy!


⭐️ How often should I do Boogie Bounce classes?

I recommend you do 2-3 classes per week, this will ensure you gain the maximum benefits.


⭐️ How much is it per class?

Please login to booking system to see current offers and prices!


⭐️ I have an injury/health issue, can I bounce?

With any health issue or injury I recommend that you consult your doctor before signing up. Please get in touch with me in advance – You can reach me on 0400 666 926 or


⭐️ I am concerned about my pelvic floor muscles?

Boogie Bounce works the pelvic floor muscles & improves them (make sure to clench the muscles as you bounce during the class), For peace of mind starting off wear some extra protection and dark leggings. Please feel free to use the Bathroom as often as needed throughout the class.


⭐️ Can I bring my child to bounce with me?

You can indeed, any child 12 years and over but under 16 years of age must attend my classes with a participating adult. Please arrive early for your first class as you will have disclaimers to complete for yourself and the child.  My instructors are unable to teach any child under the age of 12 years.


⭐️ How much weight does the trampoline hold?

Up to 160kgs


⭐️ Can Men join in?

Absolutely they can!!! The more the merrier


⭐️ Do I need to wear grip socks?

Ordinary socks are unsafe as you can easily slip off and you might injure your ankles. Grip socks will prevent you from sliding off the trampoline. Yes grip socks need to be worn.


⭐️ Can I bring my own grip socks?

Yes you can or you can purchase from your instructor before class for $6.


⭐️ What if I want to cancel my class as I am unable to attend?

Automatic class credit is provided if cancellation is made more than 24 hours of class. This credit can be used within 2 weeks of cancellation. No credit is offered if cancelled within 24 hours.


⭐️ What if I want I no longer want to have a membership?

No lock in, cancel anytime” means you only need to cancel 2 business days prior to the next scheduled payment cycle. Once a payment has taken place, you are unable to cancel until the next payment cycle.

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